Demo: Pay Bills And Track Your Finances On Check By Steve Schultz

Check - Demo  By Steve Schultz

Check – Demo By Steve Schultz

After this demo I can see how Check has the potential to be the portal to everything related to our money. Last week Steve Schultz, COO of Check Inc., and I had spoken about the app and its different features, but it is very different when you see it in action.

When using the iPhone app or the Android version you can:

1) Link and track all your financial accounts in one place.
2) Link and receive the bills of all of your providers (banking, credit cards, utilities, magazines, etc.).
3) Pay the bills.
4) Before you pay you can select from which account you want to pay.
5) Also, you can check the balance of all of your accounts before you pay so you can decide better which account to use.
6) You can pay people you owe money to that are not billers (like the rent or your piano teacher!).
7) If you don’t have a standard biller set up or you forgot the ID or password you can just enter the account number and pay.
8) Everything gets stored in the “file cabinet” which is a cloud service so no memory in your smartphone is used.
9) The file cabinet is completely organized by account, provider, statements, bills, original PDF files, and receipts.
10) Everything is in real time so when you pay you instantly see the debit in your account and the credit on your provider’s account balance.

Please watch the demo below and see for yourself: