Steve Schultz: Check Has Close To 9.000.000 Users And Is Processing $2.000.000 In Bill Payments Each Day

When I started Newfination several months ago there were two 800 pound gorillas in the new finance sector: Yahoo! Finance and But slowly I started to discover other players that had very unique value propositions and also boasted interesting metrics in terms of users, downloads, and traffic. One of those services was Check, at that time called Pageonce, that claimed 5 million users and was promoting its relatively new bill payment system.

I use Check because of its accuracy in alerts and simplicity of use, but to my surprise Steve Schultz, COO of the company, told me today that I am one of nearly 9.000.000 users now and it is processing $2.000.000 a day in bill payments and growing at a 15% monthly rate. This is $60.000.000 in payments this month and I calculate $138.000.000 in monthly user bill payments by the end of 2013. Not bad!

In this video Steve talks about his background, the company’s history, growth, and explains how the service works: