Sara Kaufman About Manilla’s 1 Million User Projection And New Email Integration Feature

In the last few weeks Manilla has been communicating to the world several key aspects about the service and its users:

1) Manilla has now 500.000 users and they are experiencing a ramp up in user growth so their projections for the end of 2013 are 1.000.000 users.

2) Users are much more engaged with their providers when they organize and store their bills and statements on Manilla. Providers like banks, utilities, and subscription services report more visits from these clients and they are even downloading and using their mobile apps much more than before.

3) They are launching new features requested by their customers and in this case they launched an email integration service that makes it much easier for users to identify and link their accounts on the service.

These are huge advancements and innovations by a new finance service that is essentially changing the way people manage their bills and statements, a task that was entirely paper based and sometimes overwhelming now is turning digital and extremely simple on Manilla.

In this video Sara Kaufman, Editor In Chief of the Manilla Blog and Marketing Manager of Manilla, talks about these milestones and demos the new email integration service: