Mitch Fox And Benny Joseph Explain How GoodApril Will Reduce Tax Season Anxiety

What we always do is to wait until April of each year to worry about our tax returns. Because of this, normally we don’t have a clue if we owe money to the government or if Uncle Sam owes money to us. This brings two types of anxiety, 1) we know we have to get our papers together and go through the tedious process of doing our taxes, and 2) we don’t know if we overpaid the government or, if we actually owe money, how much!

Benny Joseph was one of the millions of American’s who had this problem every April so he teamed up with Mitch Fox and they decided to turn “the April experience” into a GoodApril experience.

In this interview Benny and Mitch talk about what is GoodApril and how it will help people have more certainty of what April will look like every year: