Mati Greenspan Explains How eToro Extended Stock Trading On The Social Trading Platform

eToro knows about social trading and even with more than 3 million users on their platform they are still very careful when rolling out new asset classes and securities. This time they have extended global stock trading from 6 companies to 40. The list of securities that can now be traded includes names like Google (GOOG), eBay (EBAY), Apple (AAPL), American Express (AXP), and earnings bellwether Alcoa (AA). They selected the companies based on requests from users of the social trading platform.

The art of rolling out new securities for trading on a social platform like eToro is all about maintaining social liquidity. Just like a stock or any security needs market liquidity – that is people willing to buy and sell at different prices at any time so there is a fluid market – on a social trading network it also needs social liquidity and that is people willing to chat about the security at all times so the conversation and the rhythm of the community is maintained.

In this video Mati Greenspan, Senior Financial Consultant at eToro, explains how stock trading works on their platform: