Bitcoin IRA Explained with Chris Kline

Not long ago I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the launch of Bitcoin IRA, a digital currency based IRA, retirement and tax advantaged account service in the US.

One of the main benefits of Bitcoin and other cryptoassets is that, despite short term volatility, they will probably gain value significantly in the foreseeable future. With this prospect in mind, gen-x, millennials and post-millennials will likely benefit greatly if they save for retirement, and other long term personal financial goals, in this asset class.

In this interview I talk to Chris Kline, Chief Operating Officer of Bitcoin IRA and we touched on the following topics:

– Chris’ background in the IRA industry and how he got involved with Bitcoin
– What is Bitcoin IRA
– How is the company structured
– How does the product work
– Registration and signing up
– Funding the account
– Using the suggested portfolio and self-managing your money on an ongoing basis
– Talking to account representatives when needed
– Which cryptoassets are allowed in the platform
– Who are the target users
– Possible international expansion in the future
– The Bitcoin IRA guide and other communications and digital educational materials

Please watch the interview below for more information about Bitcoin IRA: