Abra Bitcoin-Based Digital Currency Wallet Explained with Bill Barhydt

Abra is a Bitcoin-based digital currency mobile wallet where you can store your portfolio of crypto assets and multiple national currencies such as US dollar, Argentine peso, Canadian dollar, Philippine peso, Brazilian real, etc.

The company started as a remittance service with human “Tellers” in their first test market in the US – Philippines remittance corridor. But now it is focusing on a global mobile first strategy that let’s users everywhere deposit, store, send and receive Bitcoin, and, within the app, exchange to Ether and other national currencies. In the future they are planning to support more cryptocurrencies and layer more services on top of their base wallet product and technology.

In this interview we talked about:

– Bill’s background and how he started in the Bitcoin industry
– The soft-pivot from remittances to Bitcoin-based digital wallet
– Who are the users and where
– What is ABRA as a company e.g. licensing
– Regulation and KYC
– Third party services and exchanges
– Using the app, loading money in the US and elsewhere
– How Abra is a great tool to serve the banked and unbanked
– Some technical stuff!
– Fees

Please watch the interview below for more information: