Describing The Moneero Bitcoin Wallet, Teller Machine, And Exchange Service With Co-Founder Steve Morell

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, with great enthusiasm and a clear business strategy, entrepreneur and Moneero co-founder, Steve Morell, gave me the impression they are building what I would call a “PayPal 2.0” for Bitcoin, but on steroids!

Packed with features like easy Bitcoin address names, SMS transfers, the ability to assign Twitter handles, Facebook names, and email addresses to Bitcoin accounts, the company is thinking of all possible use cases for all regions globally.

In this interview Steve talks about the company and his vision for a true and easy to use digital currency product.

We spoke about:

– Steve’s background and how he got involved with Bitcoin.
– Why Uruguay?
– What are Moneero Social and SMS?
– How does the Moneero BTM work?
– The Moneero exchange, a buy side service?
– How are they helping “new-to-Bitcoin” customers with the BTC Experts?

Please watch the video below: