Bitcoin Startups And Licensing In the US With Juan Llanos Of The Bitcoin Foundation

If you are a Bitcoin entrepreneur anywhere in the world you need to watch this interview with Juan Llanos, member of the regulatory affairs committee of the Bitcoin Foundation.

In many cases it doesn’t matter where your company is located, what matters is where your customers reside!

Also, if you are a Bitcoin enthusiast and customer of new Bitcoin services, this concerns you too. The rules are strict and if your wallet or exchange providers are not properly licensed you could lose your money.

We spoke with Juan about these topics:

– What is FinCen?
– How do startups go about registering on a federal level?
– What is the cost?
– What are the requirements to register on a state by state level?
– What are the different “styles” of regulation between states?
– What are the implications for international startups?

Please watch the video below: