Marc Gorlin Explains How Kabbage Provides Working Capital To Small Businesses [Video Interview]

Kabbage provides working capital for small businesses in a smart, easy, and incredibly fast way. If information about your business and how you are selling and making money is already on the internet, why not use it?

This is what Kabbage does to approve a working capital line of credit for your small business in a matter of seconds. You only need to go to their website, you register with your email and just like you would do on other websites you link your social networking accounts, but also your eBay or Amazon accounts, other e-commerce accounts and other services where you might have important business information like Google Analytics,, Expensify, Ups, etc. With your permission, Kabbage then retrieves that information, analyses it, and gives you a credit line that you can withdraw to a PayPal or business bank account.

In this interview Marc Gorlin, co-founder and Chairman of Kabbage, explains how the service works:

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