Uri Gruenbaum Talks About TipRanks And How It Helps Investors Track Research Analyst Performance [Video Interview]

TipRanks is a game changer for the research analysts industry.

For decades services like Morningstar have been tracking mutual fund manager performances and therefore investors and the media always had the information of who was who, who was better, and who was not delivering the returns to warrant a high reputation. Data like assets under management, absolute performance for different periods, and performance compared to the S&P where always used and referenced when selecting a manager in the case of investors or who to interview in the case of financial journalists.

In the meantime investment bank research analysts always had great influence in the markets, the media, and investors, but nobody knew for sure what was the performance of their recommendations. This has always been a business gimmick of the brokerage firms and investment banks: the less the people know the better, its all about generating trades. and thus commissions.

Who would read an article of an analysts that consistently trails the market or his peers? which financial journalist would interview or air a report on TV about a pro that is ranked in the bottom 30% among his fellow researchers? Nobody! But the problem is that we never had this information.

TipRanks is a game changer for the industry of selling stock investing ideas because they are already providing this information and much more. The company has rolled out the web browser add-on that pops up every time we need it. Its a matter of time until every investor has the “real full story” when it comes to following stock research analyst opinions.

In this video Uri Gruenbaum, TipRanks’ co-founder and CEO, explains how the service works:

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