Vincent Turner Talks About [Video Interview] is an intelligent tool that helps people plan their finances. After using it you get a “Google” type of experience. This is because it is designed to help you understand the topic at hand, your plans for your money in this case, and from there you can move on and make concrete decisions and implement solutions with other appropriate providers and resources.

Vincent Turner is a techie that knows about personal finance. First he created a map based real estate website in Australia when he was 17 before Google Maps even existed. After that he started a company that provided software for mortgage lenders that is still used by 90% of Australian financial institutions. And three years ago he decided to move to Silicon Valley where he started Planwise which is an easy to use, but powerful tool that promises to be the link between your plans and your reality.

In this interview Vincent explains his career, what is Planwise and how it can help you gain control of your financial future:

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This is Planwise’s institutional introductory video: