Jesse Podell Talks About [Video Interview]

From New York’s Soho, Jesse Podell, an ex-Wall Street proprietary stock trader, is creating the front page of stock investing ideas.

Just like Reddit helped us organize and prioritize news is making sense of stock market ideas using the wisdom of the crowds.

On Tradembark their team of editors aggregate the most relevant stock idea articles from the best publishers like Seeking Alpha, Insider Monkey, and Yahoo Finance. But sometimes the problem is that after reading about the stock a specific actionable “buy or sell” idea is not conveyed. On Tradembark users can find relevant ideas, share them, and, what’s better, add their buy or sell opinion.

This is a powerful way of understanding what the real buzz is about investment ideas where the protagonist is not necessarily a single guru, but the crowd in general.

In this video Jesse explains the service in its first days in “beta” testing and what it is looking to accomplish:

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