Bitcoin Economist Peter Surda About Inelastic Supply, Deflation, And Bitcoin Forks

Since Bitcoin is a technology that enables a new type of currency never seen before (a digital currency that behaves like a commodity currency) traditional economic schools, even Austrian, don’t really have yet the theoretical framework to explain it.

This is why the contributions and research around Bitcoin of Peter Surda, arguably the first Bitcoin economist, are a must to understand the digital currency and its prospects for the future.

In this interview Peter talked about some of his findings, research, and opinions about Bitcoin.

We spoke about these topics:

– Is Bitcoin an alternative to traditional fiat money and gold?
– The inelastic supply of Bitcoin, is deflation a problem for Bitcoin adoption?
– Is a lending market with a free fractional reserve system possible?
– If identical forks can be created, like Litecoin, does this mean the supply is maybe unlimited?

Please watch the video below: