Jesse Mecham Helps YNAB Users Learn And Budget With Courses And Support

It all started in 2003 when Jesse was going to get married and he realized him and his then future wife, Julie, were going to be broke. To solve this he decided to create a budget on a spreadsheet that worked very well to bring discipline to the financial side of his affairs.

Jesse and Julie are happily married today, but also, that original budget on a spreadsheet is now YNAB. Originally called “You Need A Budget”, YNAB is a unique way of providing a service. It not only includes a budgeting app, but also the education, advice, and training necessary to learn how to budget and then use YNAB to its fullest benefit.

In this interview Jesse Mecham, founder and CEO of YNAB, talks about the origins of YNAB and how the service works: