Carrie Sloan Keeps LearnVest Community Financially Fit With Knowledge Center And Money Bootcamps

LearnVest is a great platform for people to plan and manage their money. Their services are divided in a Money Center, where you can link your accounts and use their budgeting tools, a Certified Financial Planner advisory service, where you can hire a LearnVest professional to help you with your finances and investments, and an integrated editorial section with news, education, and advice about money management.

Carrie Sloan is LearnVest’s Editor in Chief and she is in charge of the huge editorial effort that includes managing a community of specialized writers, her own staff, and the users who not only interact with LearnVest on a daily basis, but may also be featured and contribute with their personal experiences and testimonials.

In this interview Carrie talks about the LearnVest platform, the Learning Center, the Life & Money section, and the LearnVest Bootcamps: