Adam Nash Talks About Wealthfront [Video Interview]

Adam Nash is part of a growing team of pros managing one of the best investment advisory services in the new finance segment. From Silicon Valley Wealthfront is helping thousands of young professionals and executives manage over $170 million in investments (and growing).

It is not difficult to see why the company is experiencing this success given the level of detail and attention they pay to the real investment needs. From the impact of the right asset allocation, the cost of management fees, to how taxes can significantly change the outcome of your results, everything is analyzed and thought of.

And Wealthfront is not only an excellent online investment service, but is also a company with a mission. Their initial profile and asset allocation service is open so anyone, not only clients, can use it to manage their portfolios even if their accounts are at other firms. Their investment research and advisory team communicates their findings to the world through their blog and the company conducts live seminars to explain money management to anybody who wants to hear. Wealthfront wants to bring sophisticated money management to the world.

In this interview Adam Nash, COO of the company, talks about his background, how Wealthfront works, their philosophy, and explains different parts of the service: