Letter to Loved Ones: A Template for Your Crypto Estate Planning

Most people have never thought about what will happen to their bitcoin, ether, and other crypto-assets if something bad happens to them. Even if you do understand the concept of passing your crypto-assets to your loved ones, actually doing the work to make it happen is often a daunting prospect. It’s one of those tasks, without a hard deadline, that gets pushed to the end of your to-do list, repeatedly. Most people don’t know where to start and there are very few resources available to help guide you through the process. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You might not know this but Third Key Solutions helps people build crypto-focused estate plans both from the tech side (which wallets should I use?, where and how should I back up keys?, etc.) and the legal side (how can I make sure my step-child or domestic partner can inherit these assets?). Complex assets and family situations usually require help from experts, but no matter what your situation is, you can start planning today. Below is a template that some of our clients customize to let their loved ones know how to access these assets. You can use it, too. It’s a good way to get you thinking about the practical aspects of how your bitcoin, ether, classic, z-cash, monero, and other cryptocurrencies could pass to your heirs.

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