Coin4ce Bitcoin Wallet, Trading, And Investment Advice With Adam Stradling

Based in Chile, one of the most dynamic Bitcoin communities in the southern hemisphere, Adam Straddling’s Coin4ce¬†will help middle income and high net worth individuals in Latin America to adopt and invest in crypto-currencies.

It is not an easy task though. The region is a mosaic of nations that may share the same language (except for Brazil that speaks Portuguese), but they also present different banking systems, currencies, and regulations.

In this interview Adam Stradling, ex-TradeHill and now founder and CEO of Coin4ce, talks about the service and it’s regional roll-out.

We spoke about:

– Adam’s background.
– What is Coin4ce and when is it launching?
– What will the features of the service be?
– Wallet + Exchange + Investment Advice?
– What is the company’s target market?
– What countries will it cover?
– Spanish, English, And Portuguese?

Please watch the interview below: