Coinsetter Bitcoin Exchange With Co-founder Jaron Lukasiewicz

As Bitcoin gains popularity among mainstream investors institutions and family offices are also exploring the possibility of allocating parts of their portfolios in crypto-currencies.

The problem is that the exchange services in the space were crafted to serve small traders and speculators so more sophisticated players don’t have adecuate tools to enter the market.

Coinsetter is working to solve this situation with Bitcoin derivative trading, more market depth, and a professional user interface that satisfies the needs of this segment of the market.

In this interview Jaron Lukasiewicz, co-founder and CEO of Coinsetter, talks about his company’s platform.

We spoke about:

– Jaron’s background.
– What is Coinsetter?
– When was the company started?
– What is the current status of the platform?
– What are the new features planned for the near future?

Please watch the video below: