The Bitcoin Blockchain Wallet Cheat Sheet – Blockchain.Info Quick Review

Blockchain Wallet Cheatsheet

Blockchain Wallet Cheatsheet

With more than 500,000 users as of this writing (and growing fast) Blockchain.Info is one of the most widely used Bitcoin wallet services world wide. It is a perfect service for users who prefer full control of their wallet keys as well as comprehensive information about the Bitcoin network and the market.


Send and Recieve: This is part of the basic Bitcoin network functionality all wallets provide.

Web: Blockchain.Info is a pioneer Bitcoin wallet and information service. Users count with full web acces to their wallets and comprehensive block chain information. Their live market price and charts service is very advanced and sourced from multiple exchanges.

Mobile App: They provide both Android and iPhone apps. All wallet services are included and they are synchronized with the web application meaning whatever you do in the app is immediately reflected on the website.

Key Backup: Blockchain provides full backup functionality. Users can download their wallets to their computers, back them up on DropBox or Google Drive, send them by email, or print them.

You Control Keys: The company’s policy is to manage as little data as possible. They hold encrypted copies of their users’ keys so they don’t have access to their accounts. This means users have full control of their wallet keys.

Market Information: They provide live prices, volume, and transaction information from multiple exchanges.

Buy and Sell Bitcoins: Users need to use third party exchange services, but they can link their addresses to receive their Bitcoins in their Blockchain wallets.

Block Chain Explorer: They provide comprehensive Bitcoin network information including analytic charts and block chain statistics.

Link Bank Account: Their service is limited to the Bitcoin currency so they don’t provide links to regular bank accounts.

Pay by Email/SMS: They only provide regular Bitcoin send and receive services, no email or SMS transfers.

Merchant Services: Users need to use third party merchant services, but they can link their addresses to receive their Bitcoins in their Blockchain wallets.

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