Elizabeth Ploshay Of The Bitcoin Foundation: “We Cannot And Should Not Compromise”

Decentralization is one of the key characteristics that makes Bitcoin so attractive, but government’s natural needs for regulation, the normal dynamics of market forces in the mining sector, and even the protocol development process are all types of activities that tend to centralization.

This issue is one of the top priorities for Elizabeth Ploshay, recently elected board member of the Bitcoin Foundation. With regards to the relationship with governments she stressed the need for communication and also education about Bitcoin for government officials, but at the same time she is of the opinion that the community “cannot and should not compromise” its distributed model of governance and development.

In this interview we spoke about:

– Her background and previous experience working in Congress.
– What is the mission of the Bitcoin Foundation?
– What is the reach and who does the foundation represent?
– How do they balance the tension between decentralization and centralization?
– What is “organized decentralization”?
– How are relations with Government?

Please watch the video below: