Coinkite Review – Rodolfo Novak’s Crypto-Bank Supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, And More

With the latest startups the digital currency revolution is entering the “services phase” where the basic functionality of “send and receive” or “buy and sell” are being integrated into more sophisticated (and useful) products.

Coinkite is an example of this new chapter. As Rodolfo Novak, co-founder and CEO, describes it Coinkite is a new kind of provider, it’s a crypto-bank.

But it’s not the traditional kind of bank you would imagine. In this interview Rodolfo explains several aspects of the service they are presently rolling out and what to expect for the future.

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We spoke about:

– The Coinkite digital currency wallet (web and mobile).
– Supports Bitcoin and Litecoin accounts and will support all relevant digital currencies in the future.
– Multi-digital currency savings accounts.
– Multi-digital currency debit cards.
– Payment machines for stores (POS hardware).
– Online payments.

Please watch the video below: