Bethy Hardeman Talks About Credit Karma [Video Interview]

Credit Karma is a huge, fully integrated personal finance portal and community.

Where many have failed to successfully put together online financial services, with editorial information, with member participation, Credit Karma has created a vibrant space where not only you can monitor and manage your credit situation, but you can also have all of your financial accounts in one place, find the best financial products for your profile, and review and interact with other people in your same situation.

It originally started as a credit score monitoring service in 2007, later they integrated credit cards, loans, and other financial products comparisons and reviews, and now they added “Insights” which is a full service account aggregation and monitoring section.

In this video Bethy Hardeman, Communications Director of Credit Karma, explains the different services and how Credit Karma gives you all the information you need to manage your personal finances:

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