Howard Lindzon Talks About StockTwits

The keyword is “social leverage”. As creator of StockTwits Howard Lindzon knows that the chatter is going on even if regulators like it or not: it’s part of freedom and how the internet enables us to interact.

Howard’s vision is that first came the markets, then the internet democratized information, and now it’s going social. When I say “going” it seems it’s something of the future, but the reality is that StockTwits already has tens of thousands of users that, on a daily basis, talk about stocks on the platform.

The “future” part then is that not only market savvy traders, but also mainstream investors, companies, analysts, and publishers are going to adopt StockTwits as a stock investing idea, market sentiment, and communications center.

In this interview Howard talks about his background, explains StockTwits, and gives his outlook on Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), and BlackBerry (BBRY):

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