Shamir Karkal Talks About Simple [Video Interview]

Simple is a real new finance banking service in the sense that it is totally dedicated to provide the best service possible to their clients. This is because the company is not a banking institution, but a service provider that offers debit card and checking account services sourced from a partner bank.

Shamir Karkal is the company’s co-founder and CFO and with this model he makes sure that Simple’s business is not to make money out of deposits and loans like banks do. The company only concentrates in providing the best debit card and checking account services so they don’t have a dual focus, they only have one, and that is you!

But the Visa debit card and the checking account are only the first part of a complete suite of services that include real time spending assistance and control, money management, customer support, and an incredibly intuitive and intelligent personal finance system.

With Simple you really manage your money.

In this interview Shamir talks about his background, what is Simple, and explains the service’s features:

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