If Investing In Ideas Is The Best Strategy Then Invest With Motif Investing

Investing in Wall Street has always been about picking individual companies, investing in stocks by market capitalization, betting on income or growth, growth or value, and investing by theme among many other strategies.

Investing by theme has always been one of the most popular and profitable ways of putting portfolios together. Theme investing is to identify a trending market idea like “mobile” or “wind farms” and selecting stocks that will benefit from that positive trend.

From the moment you think of an investment idea to the moment you actually invest in a group of companies that represent that idea is usually a time consuming process that might even prevent you from implementing your investment. But Motif Investing solves all this.



On MotifInvesting.com they find themes, or motifs as they are called on the platform, and they research for stocks that match and will benefit from that idea. They make the whole theme investing strategy a matter of a click away.

It is better explained in steps, to start investing by ideas on MotifInvesting.com you need to:

1) Sign up on the website.
2) Browse around and learn how it works.
3) Open an investment account with them.
4) Fund your account.
5) Select a Motif.
6) Click buy and around 30 stocks will be purchased for you at only $9.95 for the whole portfolio.

But Motif has a twist: the website is organized as a social network, making it an Investing Social Network. This is of great value since the majority of us need to talk to others and in a way “validate” our investment choices.

Motif Social Theme Investing

Motif Social Theme Investing

But if what you want is privacy don’t worry because with their privacy settings you can shut down contact with investing friends.

To explore simple and intelligent idea investing go to MotifInvesting.com and start profiting from this inspiring concept: