GoFundMe.com Is Intelligent And Effective Crowdfunding For The Rest Of Us

If you feel your project is not as cool as a french independent black and white post modern film, or as significant to the world as a rainbow colored clock that doesn’t tick, but must mean something, then GoFundMe.com is the most intelligent and effective website to start your crowdfunding effort.

From personal education dreams, real medical emergencies, to soon-to-be entrepreneurial ventures this service is a down to earth, smart and simple platform.



The format is simple and straight forward: instead of a page with the project’s description you create a separate mini-site that you can customize with fonts, colors, images, and videos. You don’t need a super-production to get noticed.

It is like Blogger.com, but instead of creating a blog site you create a crowdfunding site for your specific project.

To start your personal campaign or solve the worlds problems use GoFundMe here:

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